Blizzard has begun selling Heroes of the Storm Founder's Packs

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|01.21.15

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Blizzard has begun selling Heroes of the Storm Founder's Packs
Let's pretend this game is something where characters matter beyond by reference, I guess
If there's any company in the world that could launch a new MOBA title without needing to sell founder's packs, it would probably be Blizzard. But we'll never know beyond the dark realms of speculation, of course, because sales have already started on the founder's packs for Heroes of the Storm. And yes, that pack includes access to the current closed beta, if its $39.99 price tag didn't already create that implication in your mind.

Aside from beta access, the pack includes three heroes: Tyrande, Diablo, and Raynor, each with an alternate skin. Diablo gets to look fishy, Tyrande gets to look like a Blood Elf, and Raynor takes all of that high-powered armor off (which seems like a bad idea on a battlefield, but I guess that's why I'm not a space marine). You also get a mechanical golden wolf mount to ride around on the battlefield and 2500 gold for the game, which is more than enough money to buy anything that costs less than 2500 gold. Check out the pack trailer just past the break.

[Thanks to Siphaed, deathandtexas, and Vincynt for the tip!]
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