Hologram headset from Microsoft with Hololens [Update: Site is live]

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Hologram headset from Microsoft with Hololens [Update: Site is live]

Hololens is a holographic headset from Microsoft, due out "in the Windows 10 timeframe." Windows 10 is due out this year, first on Windows Phones after the Super Bowl in February.

Hololens is not presented as a straight-up virtual reality headset – "We're dreaming about holograms mixed in your world," Microsoft said during a conference today. "Welcome to a new era of Windows. Welcome to Windows Holographic."

Microsoft has been working on Hololens "for years," it said, and to do so it invented the Hologram Processing Unit. Hololens features see-through lenses and allows users to navigate Windows apps and to create 3D objects, projected into the real world in front of the lenses, with gestures. Alongside the hardware, Microsoft announced HoloStudio, software that allows users to create holograms and then 3D print them.

Update: The Hololens website is live, right here. Regarding gaming, the page reads, "Microsoft HoloLens intelligently maps the room you're in, blending holograms with the environment around you. Pin holograms to physical locations you choose so that your room becomes the canvas for your holographic projects and games. With Microsoft HoloLens, you can interact with holograms and everyday objects together."
[Image: Microsoft]
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