Joystiq Discussions: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the deliceous typo

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Joystiq Discussions: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the deliceous typo
Everyone makes mistakes. Chances are that in the process of writing this I've misspelled a word, mucked up my punctuation or grammar, at least once. Language is a tricky beast, make no mistake! The beauty of publishing on the Internet, though, is that typos can be repaired the moment they're spotted. If you print something and send it out into the world, especially on a physical product that stands to sell hundreds of thousands of copies, there's no fixing that sucker. So you'd think Square-Enix's production team would at some point in the proofing process catch a juicy one like "inlcudes" on the cover of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

On the one hand, mistakes like these indicate a level of disinterest. "Oh, who cares what the cover says! No one's going to pay attention," say the phantom production managers in the diehard fan's brain.

Than again, it's fun! I personally love a good wacky game package, though. A certain Resident Evil for Nintendo 3DS will never, ever leave my library thanks to its hilarious spine. Sometimes the flubs aren't even typos. Okami on Wii had star Amaterasu on the cover, but it also had an IGN watermark on it. Capcom didn't even use its own art to make that cover!

Do you dig having these oddities in your library? Take the poll, discuss in the comments.

[Images: Square-Enix]

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