Microsoft reveals the 'Surface Hub,' an 84-inch 4K all-in-one

Today might be all about the next chapter in Windows, but there's something for the hardware-heads, too. Specifically the Surface Hub -- which joins Surface tablets, and Lumia smartphones on Redmond's roster of gear offerings. This beast is basically a large all-in-one PC (slash smart display) that is fully loaded with sensors, speakers, WiFi, NFC, microphones, cameras and more. The funniest thing? This huge device has been hiding in plain sight for the duration of Microsoft's keynote today.

While technically it's a regular Windows machine, it's fair to say that this is very much a business/collaboration tool. The most elaborate intelligent whiteboard you can imagine! No doubt, this is fruit from Microsoft's purchase of Perceptive Pixel, and of course, Redmond wants this to be the center of the modern workplace. For example, Hayete Gallot (senior director of business security), was careful to mention the special, large-screen apps that will come along with Windows 10 -- perfect for that 84-inch real estate. Naturally, Skype for Business is baked right in, too. And while business features can sometimes be a bit, y'know, dry... neat touches like being able to mark up presentations with a pen, and auto-sharing projects to attendees after a conference call do sound like a future of business we'd want to be part of. No details on when you can deck out your boardroom just yet though.