PSN Store Update: Stop It Don't Open That Door Edition

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PSN Store Update: Stop It Don't Open That Door Edition
This week's headline new release on PSN is definitely Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, the $20 standalone follow-up to Saints Row 4. PS3 and PS4 owners can both get their Gat on, but the latter group can also get it in a $50 bundle with SR4: Re-elected. The visually enhanced, DLC-stuffed PS4 version of Saints Row 4 is also available on its own for $30.

This week's other big deal is also a remaster, but of a much, much less recent game. The PS4 and PS3 edition of the first Resident Evil brings the S.T.A.R.S. into HD, and at an asking price of $20. Since it's a remaster of the GameCube game, itself a remake, we'll just have to reminisce about the original's memorably awful voice acting.
The rest of the PS4 new releases includes steampunk Civil War card game Ironclad Tactics, arty cell-rearranging puzzler Splice, bureaucratic retro-RPG Citizens of Earth, and KyloTonn Games' Motorcycle Club. The first three of those are $15 regularly and $12 for Plus members, while a membership to the MotorCycle Club sets you back $60. Also, cross-buy fans should note that buying Splice on PS4 will unlock it on PS3 too, and vice versa.

Motorcycle Club is also on PS3, priced $50, while Citizens of Earth has a Vita option for the same price as PS4. That just leaves the cutesy, free-to-download Best of Arcade Games on PS3 and Vita, which features four add-on $10 mini-games including "Air Hockey" and "Tetraminos."

If you're after the current sales, price changes and all that groovy stuff, check out the PS Blog.
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