Dropbox finally has an official app for Windows Phone

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Steve Dent
January 22nd, 2015
Dropbox finally has an official app for Windows Phone

Microsoft recently made the surprising decision to partner with Dropbox, meaning its walled Windows garden would no longer be limited to OneDrive. Now we're seeing the fruit of that relationship with the arrival of an official Windows Phone client. That means you can now tap into your Dropbox account from any Windows device, be it a phone, tablet or laptop. Heck, it even works on Windows RT. All your favorite features are in tow, including automatic photo backups and the ability to "favorite" s file for offline access. Plus, Dropbox already has tight ties with Office, where you can edit documents directly in the former, or access Dropbox files from the latter. If you haven't already swallowed the OneDrive Kool-Aid you can go download the Windows Phone version of Dropbox now.
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