Google Fiber is (possibly) heading to North Carolina

North Carolina residents might soon see Google Fiber vans driving down the streets. According to several publications, Mountain View has invited local Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham officials to a super secret "Save the Date" event on Wednesday, January 28th. The email invitation is reportedly devoid of any pertinent information, aside from the date, time and the promise that there will be "more details to come." While it could be for a completely different service, there's a reason why local authorities would think it's all about Fiber: Google has long named those locations as next possible sites for its Gigabit internet offering.

In fact, ever since Google made that announcement, AT&T swooped in with its own Gigabit service. Time Warner Cable (which has been trying to outlaw community-owned broadband) promised to bring faster internet speeds to Charlotte, as well. According to WRAL Techwire's sources, Mountain View's already looking for drill crews to start building NC's fiber network as soon as April -- wether or not that's true, we'll likely know by Wednesday.

[Thanks, Marc]