Man lists his Tesla Model S as an $85-a-night Airbnb room

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Mariella Moon
January 26th, 2015
Man lists his Tesla Model S as an $85-a-night Airbnb room

If someone tells you he's been sleeping in a car, you'd most likely think he's either traveling on a budget or going through a rough patch. And, you know what? Either answer's probably true -- unless he meant he's been renting a Tesla Model S to sleep in from Airbnb for $85 a night. Because, yes, that listing seriously exists. A man from Phoenix, Arizona has listed his electric car on the rent-a-place website, calling it the "world's first Tesla hotel." According to the listing, the Model S with an airbed in the back will be locked securely in his attached garage, though you'll also have access to his condo's kitchen and bathroom.

You can turn up the AC or the heater as you see fit, use the car's entertainment system to listen to internet radio and light up the interior with the two electric candles he'll provide. Plus, he can drive you around for an extra fee if you'd like to spend more time with the Model S, because you do have to get up and step out of the car by 8AM so he can ride it to work. Just take note, though, that while the airbed is wide enough to fit two people, you're going to have a bad time if you're taller than 6'6. As the listing says, "NO NBA players allowed," but then again, we're pretty sure pro-basketball players can afford to buy their own Model S and to rent proper hotel rooms.
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