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Forget taking notes, this Bluetooth headset captures your calls

Forget taking notes, this Bluetooth headset captures your calls
Jaime Brackeen
Jaime Brackeen|@Jaime_Ln|January 27, 2015 11:03 PM

Journalists everywhere will weep with joy if this Bluetooth recording device comes to fruition (at least this one will). We're talking about Bluewire, a headset that records both sides of a smartphone or VoIP conversation over Bluetooth. That means if you're a reporter, lawyer or anyone else who may need to keep their calls on record, your days of blasting a conversation on speaker and hoping for the best are probably over.

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Calls save directly to Bluewire's 16GB of onboard memory. From there, you can access them on an accompanying iOS/Android app. If you need to clear space or make edits, you can sync files directly to a phone, computer or tablet. (All it takes is a tap of Bluewire on your device of choice for Android users with NFC capabilities.)

If you don't like the feel of Bluewire's headset, it can pair with another earpiece that's more comfortable (cue Xzibit meme) or even your car's calling system. And, in keeping with its anti-wire theme, the device charges on a Qi wireless pad. Frankly, that's probably all you need Bluewire to do, but its creators added a few other features because why not? The most notable ones are walkie-talkie capabilities, a Bluegard motion trigger alarm and a built-in flashlight.

The campaign for Bluewire is now live on Indiegogo and hopes to raise $40,000 by February 26th. Early-bird deals will nab you a Bluewire for $149-179, or on the more extreme end of the spectrum, you can go all-in and pledge $7,750 for a Distributor's pack of 50. Early backers can expect to receive their Bluewires sometime around July of this year. Until then, those of us who record calls will have to continue scouting around the office for quiet locations.

Forget taking notes, this Bluetooth headset captures your calls