WoW community comes together to help a father

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WoW community comes together to help a father
We've all had bad days in World of Warcraft. Your group wipes, the tank yells at the DPS, the DPS yells at the healer... and before you know it everyone is yelling at everyone, turning what should be fun into pure misery. We've all had game days like that. So why do we keep coming back to the game when it can be so frustrating? It's probably because the people we play with can be really amazing, too, as when Senna logged on to Reddit to ask for help:

So im older (late 50's) and my son used to play lots of WOW while he was recovering after getting hit by a mortar in iraq. Recently he passed away and I decided that I wanted to connect with areas of my sons life I never understood. WOW is one of those areas.

The response? The WoW community has banded together to offer sympathy and assistance with a thread over 700 comments long. It's the sort of thing that reminds you why you're still part of this game after more than a decade -- and want to reach out a helping hand to your fellow players.
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