SkyMall's savior might be one of the products that it used to sell

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Daniel Cooper
January 29, 2015 7:07 PM
SkyMall's savior might be one of the products that it used to sell

Rumors of SkyMall's demise might have been exaggerated, at least if the CEO of Scottevest gets his way. Scott Jordan, head of the company that makes coats with pockets sufficient to carry your entire gadget haul, believes that he's the man to save the moribund publication. According to the businessman, SkyMall was "doomed to fail." Presumably because being trapped 30,000 feet in the air isn't enough to convince you to buy a beer pager or protein-infused ketchup.

According to Jordan, his turnaround plan would involve changing the name and, controversially, ditching the kitsch. Instead, AirShop (a name we just made up) would offer a highly curated brochure of items that everyone would find desirable - just like every other retail business on the planet hopes to achieve. Rather than remain a paper catalog in airline seat pockets, AirShop (still made up) would have a digital store, as well as retail locations in airports. The deal is currently being hammered out by lawyers on all sides, so a lot of the finer details remain in the air. But, if Jordan is successful, AirShop could be back in the skies by April. Naturally, if you couldn't have guessed this already, Scottevest has already signed up to be the first advertiser.
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