Tesla doubles the size of its Supercharger network in the UK

The last time we checked in with Tesla's UK roll-out, the company had opened three new Superchargers in London, bringing its grand total for the British Isles up to nine. It promised that within six months, Model S owners would be able to drive the length of the UK on its ultra-fast chargers alone. A tough promise to keep, but one that it's now starting to deliver on; in just under three months, Tesla has more than doubled the size of its network to 20 Supercharger stations. Sites can now be found near Exmouth and Northampton, as well as Sainsbury's supermarkets in Winchester, Exeter and Bristol. Sure, a Model S still isn't practical for most drivers, but it's slowly becoming more viable -- especially if you live in London, where the bulk of Tesla's Superchargers are set up. If Musk is to persuade Britain to join his EV revolution, it's this sort of infrastructure that'll start winning people over.

[Image Credit: Tesla]