The next 'Toshiba' TV you see will be made by a different company

Toshiba has undertaken many attempts to reshape its TV segment over the years with "Cloud Portal" and Cell TV, but none have hit the mark and now it's getting out of the business entirely in North America. Following other Japanese manufacturers that have axed (Pioneer), scaled back (Panasonic), or reorganized (Sony) their TV operations, Toshiba will license its name to Taiwan's Compal. New TVs from the venture will be on shelves in March, so don't be surprised if they're a bit different. It already switched to more outsourcing after axing jobs in 2013, so the shift may turn out to be subtle. Toshiba has always been willing to bring some unique -- if not always appreciated -- aspects to the game, and we'll be sad to see them go. The plan now is to "develop new technologies and services" while it works on securing a stable profit.