Joystiq Discussion: Do you have a gaming tattoo?

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S. Prell
January 31, 2015 10:30 PM
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Joystiq Discussion: Do you have a gaming tattoo?
Alright guys, I may not get another chance to tell you this, so here goes: I've decided to get a video game-themed tattoo. I already have nine tattoos and plans for a 10th, but this design easily trumps them all. It's a collection of characters and icons that represent games I either respect for advancing the medium or games that I personally love.

There are 27 characters/objects representing 26 franchises (Note: Design not final, will definitely change some things and probably add more if I can). Can you spot them all? Check out the image after the break and leave your answers in the comments!

And hey, while you're there, why not tell us what you think of video game tattoos, show off your own ink, or submit more design ideas!
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