Judge fines Typo for continuing to sell its BlackBerry-like keyboards

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Apparently, BlackBerry took Typo to court again (and won), but not because of the latter's new product, if that's what you were thinking. A federal judge has just ruled in favor of the Canadian phonemaker after it accused Typo of making at least two bulk sales of its original BB-like physical iPhone keyboard (even processing 100 warranty replacements) despite an injunction banning it from the market. If you recall, BlackBerry sued the Ryan Seacrest-backed company due to its uncannily similar QWERTY keypad and won an injunction against it in March. The judge has ordered the accused to pay $860,000 for the violation, but the phonemaker originally wanted $2.6 million plus its lawyer's fees, so Typo really got off easy.

A company representative told Recode that this "has no impact on the Typo 2 product currently in the marketplace or [their] other planned product releases for the tablet." So, you should be able to get a Typo 2 with no issues, though you might want to grab one soon, because (let's be real here) it still looks like a BlackBerry keyboard.
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