Tweetdeck lets you share accounts without sharing passwords

Until now, if you wanted to share Twitter log-in credentials with members of your team, it meant sharing a password. Thanks to TweetDeck, you no longer have to use the same info. The 140-character social network now offers TweetDeck Teams for its popular app: a tool that allows groups to employ the same account with admin and contributor roles. When you need to add a colleague to the social workload, all you have to do is authorize that user, and once they accept the invite, they'll be good to go. As you might expect, access can be revoked at any time by the admin, and those folks have control over the password. Contributors can tweet, follow/unfollow, schedule tweets and make lists, but they won't have any access outside of the app. The new feature starts rolling out today for TweetDeck on the web, Chrome and Windows.

[Image credit: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images]