Comcast's live TV app has doubled its channel count in a year

Cable companies like Comcast have long touted "TV Everywhere" that's available whenever and wherever customers are, but a number of restrictions sometimes made that moniker hard to take. In 2015, its claim being pushed harder by more than just Netflix and Amazon, as competing internet-only TV services like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue will even have some of the same channels. Comcast's Xfinity TV Go app has been trying to change that perception and now the company is announcing it's more than doubled the amount of channels available since it launched a little over a year ago. Recent additions including AMC, Showtime, BBC America, and The Weather Channel have just pushed the channel count up over 70 from the original count of 35 -- and that's expected to keep growing.

Without being specific, TV Everywhere Senior Director Vito Forlenza noted record breaking stats during events like the Sochi Olympics and World Cup, and said access to more content is coming in 2015. The iOS and Android apps have been downloaded more than 11 million times, and Comcast says more than thirty percent of Xfinity TV subscribers are using the service monthly at an average of more than seven hours per month.

So far the old-guard of TV hasn't become synonymous with allowing customers choice on watching the way they want to in the way Netflix and others have, but the Xfinity app also has access to a lot of video on-demand, and some of it can be downloaded for offline viewing, which most streaming services aren't offering yet. Of course, some of the channels also have their own apps, but being able to get the feeds in one place is convenient. HBO Go without cable is coming soon (and Showtime might be right behind it), we'll see if the current giants of TV can keep adding enough content options to keep customers happier when they have other choices on how to watch.