IFTTT's new tools tackle tasks with a single tap

IFTTT comes in handy for automating everyday tasks like setting the temperature on a Nest thermostat at bedtime or tweeting your Instagram snaps as native Twitter images. The software aims to lend even more of a helping hand, though, and its new trio of Do tools will, well... do just that. All three skip the actions that the usual recipe-based activities require, assigning the final result to a single tap. First, Do Button takes things like the aforementioned temperature adjustment, but instead of waiting for you to silence your phone or a certain time, it sets that Nest with one press of a button. Android users can load up to three tasks on the Do Button widget as well, offering quick access to the new control.

Using IFTTT to automate your mobile photo exploits? Do Camera can be configured to help organize those expense receipts in Evernote, for example. And then there's Do Note: a shortcut that can quickly create a Google Calendar event, save passing thoughts or be used to enter commands that control other gadgets. All three add-ons are available for iOS and Android, and are ready to download now at their respective app libraries. IFTTT's original app is rebranding to IF too, so you won't have to argue with your pals about how to pronounce it anymore.