Samsung makes a big play for electric cars by nabbing a battery pack firm

Samsung wants to ensure it's as integral to the electric car world as it is to the mobile arena. The Korean electronics giant is acquiring Magna International's battery pack arm, Magna Steyr, which will fit nicely inside of Samsung SDI, its component division. SDI has already scored a major deal with BMW providing batteries for its new i3 electric car and i8 hybrid, and it will make up eight percent of Tesla's battery supply this year (it's also in talks to build even more). Having more battery smarts, naturally, should make Samsung a stronger competitor to Panasonic, which is Tesla's biggest suppler, as well as its partner for the massive "Gigafactory" battery plant. You might also remember Magna as one of the companies Apple reportedly talked to for its rumored electric car project.

It's easy to look at this acquisition as a reaction to those Apple Car rumors, but it's also fitting with Samsung's general strategy for new markets: Make the components everyone needs and reap the profits. Don't forget that its early work developing memory chips, processors, and LCDs put it in a perfect spot for the smartphone revolution and HDTV revolution. So, basically, don't be surprised if your future electric car is bundled with Samsung tech.