Leaked HTC One M9 videos confirm new cameras and software tricks (updated)

If HTC was hoping to keep at least some of the One M9's details a secret, it's going to be sorely disappointed. Well-known tipster @Upleaks has posted three promo videos that reveal... well, just about everything. They confirm that the M9 will have a much higher-resolution 20-megapixel camera at the back, as well as an UltraPixel (likely 4MP) front cam for your low-light selfies. You'll also get Dolby surround sound from the One's signature BoomSound speakers. And that's just the hardware -- there's plenty on the software side, too.

The updated version of Sense shown in the leak isn't as dramatic a shift as you might have seen in the past, but there are definitely some noteworthy features. There's support for customizable themes, a widget that shows apps based on location (think context-aware launchers like Aviate), a new photo editor with effects like double exposure, and the ability to share media through three-finger swipes. There are still a few elements left to the rumor mill, like availability and the exact choice of processor (likely a Snapdragon 810), but it's safe to say that HTC's March 1st event will largely be telling you things you already know.

Update: Not surprisingly, both the Twitter post and the videos have vanished. However, we did manage to grab images of both the new photo editor and theming.

HTC One M9's photo editor
HTC One M9 themes