LG's cheaper G Flex2 hits shelves

Updated ·1 min read

Quirky as it is, we quite like LG's G Flex2 for its pretty design, performance, camera and quick charging battery. The banana-shaped phone is now on sale in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany and the U.K. You can pre-order at Sprint for $504, or $21 a month for two years (on contract), at Carphone Warehouse in the UK SIM-free for £530 ($820) and in Germany for €649 ($740). That's a lot cheaper than the $940 of the original G Flex, and the new model has a bleeding-edge Snapdragon 810 CPU, 5.5-inch curved P-OLED Full HD display and 3,000mAh, 40-minute charging time battery. Pre-orders should pop up soon at other US carriers and it'll arrive to the rest of the world after MWC 2015, which starts next week.