Disney's retelling the 'Star Wars' film saga with Legos

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Disney's retelling the 'Star Wars' film saga with Legos

There isn't a way to turn back time and prevent the Star Wars prequels from ever releasing (just ask Cher), but maybe Disney XD's upcoming crack at them could make the flicks palatable. You see, the channel is prepping the launchpad for The Force Awakens' December release with a Lego retelling of the entire story so far. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales will recount the narrative in five, 22-minute episodes, as told from the viewpoint of chatterbox C-3PO and his stubby companion R2D2 in a "brand new story."

It takes place after Return of the Jedi's Battle of Endor and has the pair, almost assuredly Goldenrod, telling the six-episode narrative in chronological order. How it'll compress roughly 13 hours of sci-fi into a little over 100 minutes is anyone's guess at this point, however. You could look at this as a blatant ploy to get kids amped up for seeing the new flick, and you'd likely be right, but if it makes Episodes 1 -3 watchable and is to the same level of quality as The New Yoda Chronicles (below)? I'm intrigued. Writers and directors haven't been announced yet, but that'll likely change come Comic Con in San Diego.

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