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Seattle PD has a YouTube channel for its body camera footage

Seattle's officer-worn camera footage is making its way online, but if you were hoping for anything Cops-like you're likely to be disappointed. In accordance with privacy measures, faces aren't the only parts of a shot that are blurred out -- most of the time it's the entire frame, and audio's been scrubbed as well. Seattle's police department's using methods recommended by volunteer hacker Tim Clemans, and according to SPD Blotter, the redacting process only took half-a-day to process four hours of raw video. Comparatively, the force's old methods would take upwards of a 60 minutes to obfuscate a single minute of footage.

As of now there're a handful of clips ranging from 4-to-30 minutes in length, with a majority of SPD BodyWornVideo's uploads coming from last month's Martin Luther King Day protests. The plan, according to The Seattle Times, is for the tools to get further refinements and then distribute them, for free, to other law enforcement agencies -- maybe even yours.

[Image credit: Associated Press]