Swatch Touch Zero One tracks your beach volleyball skills

Swatch's first foray into the fitness-tracking business is the Touch Zero One, a touchscreen watch built with beach volleyball in mind. This is an upgrade to the barely readable Swatch Touch, introducing features that track the ferocity of your spikes and bumps, how many steps you take and the number of calories burned during those all-day volleyball matches. It even counts the number of times you clap, finally settling the debate about who is the best sport on your team. The Touch Zero One then sends all of this information to a smartphone app, which ranks your volleyball performance from 0 to 100, beginner to professional. There's no need to charge the Touch Zero One each night -- the standard Swatch battery lasts for "months and months," the company promises. This baby should cost around $160, according to A Blog to Watch. Swatch hasn't set a release date, but it would make sense for its spike-tracker to show up on beaches by summer.