Pebble sets a new record, net neutrality passes and other stories you might've missed!

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Pebble sets a new record, net neutrality passes and other stories you might've missed!

Pebble beats its own record, Motorola confirms what we already knew about the Moto E and Facebook takes a break from the sillier aspects of its site to get serious about mental health. Basically, we've got everything you need to know from this past week in one neat little package. Won't you catch up with us?

The top 11 tablets you can buy today

If you like to take your tech on the go (or even just to the couch), a tablet is usually a good gadget to have on hand. Not sure which one is best for you? We've rounded up 11 that we think are excellent choices.

Pebble returns to Kickstarter for its next-gen color smartwatch

Three years ago, Pebble made Kickstarter history with its smartwatch. Now, with a new color display and other features, the company is besting its own crowdfunding records. We explain what's made the brand so popular in this breakdown of the wearable's triumphant return.

I got a connected surveillance camera, but used it mainly as a puppycam

If peace of mind is important when it comes to your home, a connected surveillance system might be just what you need to feel secure. We gave Withings Home HD camera a try to find out if it's worth the $200 price tag.

What you need to know about HTTP/2

The familiar four letters -- HTTP -- in your address bar are getting a behind-the-scenes makeover. The current version has been the same since 1999, but in case that date alone isn't reason enough for an upgrade, we explain why you'll soon be using HTTP/2.

Here's what we know about Magic Leap so far

We know it's a blend of augmented and virtual reality, but the rest of the specs behind Magic Leap are shrouded in mystery. We've amassed all of the information available on the project to find out why companies like Google are dropping half a billion dollars to invest in it.

Motorola's budget Moto E gets LTE, a quad-core CPU, and more storage

It's official: Motorola is releasing a bigger and better budget phone. We go hands-on with the updated Moto E -- now with LTE -- to break down its new specs.

Facebook rolls out new tools to help prevent suicides

Social media has become an outlet for for many, whether that means sharing exciting life changes or issuing a cry for help. When it comes to the latter, Facebook is stepping up its policies and introducing new suicide prevention efforts.

FCC approves net neutrality rules, reclassifies broadband as a utility

Both mobile and home-based broadband are now classified as a public utility thanks to new rules from the Federal Communications Commission. This marks a huge milestone for those in support of a free and open internet.

Adult Themes: The rise and fall of America's first digital brothel

RealTouch Interactive lets consenting users "have sex" with each other over the internet. But it's going out of business -- not because of moral protests -- because of patent licensing.

Happy net neutrality day! Here are some llamas and a dress

As our Engagement Editor John Colucci stated on Thursday night, "Twitter was on fleek today." Join us as we take a minute to celebrate the glorious and sometimes ridiculous platform that is the internet.

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