MakerBot makes it easy for schools and businesses to start 3D printing

MakerBot has just launched a new initiative called Starter Lab, which makes 3D printing more accessible to more people, particularly students and employees. It's a bundle of MakerBot products, including several printers and other hardware, plastic filaments and training guides to help organizations get started. Acting CEO Frank Alfano says it can "help educational institutions prepare students to be more college and career ready." As for companies, he believes it can provide "a competitive advantage as an investment in future technology that fuels new ideas and growth." Chances are, this is part of the New York company's efforts to introduce both 3D printing and its brand to people who don't regularly read tech news.

You might be familiar with MakerBot, but that young gradeschooler or that middle-aged clerk might not even know it exists. Whether this move can help 3D printing reach mainstream status, though, remains to be seen. Thus far, two schools have already availed the package: the State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill and Union College in Schenectady, New York. Unfortunately, the package doesn't come with MakerBot's impressive composite materials that can be used to print out pseudo-wood, iron, bronze and limestone objects. But there are a good number of items included, as you can see below: it's up to you to convince your bosses and teachers to at least reach out for a price quote.


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