Rinspeed reimagines the BMW i3 EV as a self-driving car

Rinspeed did a fantastic visual recreation of the Tesla Model S as a moving living room last year, and now it has given the BMW i3 EV a similar treatment. The Swiss car restorer and conjurer of futuristic concepts has reimagined the i3 as a self-driving car with rather far-out features in a new concept called "Buddi." For instance, it's equipped with a robotic arm that can move the steering wheel in front of either front-seat passenger or to the middle if nobody wants to drive. That robotic arm can curiously wind the in-car watch, as well, if the camera monitoring it determines that its battery is almost depleted.

Outside, the car has cameras to check and evaluate if it has to adjust the ride height suspension based on the terrain. Also, they keep an eye on traffic and environmental conditions in order for the car to come up with the best route while driving on its own. Other features include electric doors, semi-transparent panels, and a fancy heater controlled by a smartwatch or a smartphone. Rinspeed has presented the Buddi concept at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show, but those who didn't get a chance to see it can look at more pictures in the gallery above.