WSJ: Google has a small team working on Android for VR


We've already got Android in phones, tablets, TVs and maybe even cars, but according to a new rumor, the next step could be VR headsets (beyond Mattel's View-Master). While smartphones can already provide the brains of a VR unit for Samsung's Gear VR or Google Cardboard, the Wall Street Journal says Google has "tens of engineers" working on a version of Android that would power virtual reality apps. According to the rumor, that's in addition to the Magic Leap augmented reality project Google has invested in, and a separate AR project Google is working on itself. Based on what we've seen of Android development so far -- and the recent flood of VR hardware -- it's really no surprise, but if you see a slew of headset rumors ahead of the next Google I/O it might be for something other than just a new edition of Glass.