Vuzix's VR headset adds earphones and supports multiple devices

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Vuzix's VR headset adds earphones and supports multiple devices

Yet another VR headset? We wouldn't be surprised if that's what you're thinking after all the VR headset news these past few days. This one is the latest device out of Vuzix's headquarters called the IWear 720, which can do more than just block the world and immerse you into pure virtual reality. The headset covers more of your head, because it comes equipped with its own headphones -- even better, it supports almost any device that has an HDMI-out port. And yes, that means you can use it to watch both 2D and 3D videos, as well as play games from computers, consoles, Blu-ray players and even smartphones.

The IWear 720 has dual HD displays (720p, hence the name) that can emulate a 130-inch screen experience from 10 feet away, has motion tracking and supports Unity 3D and Unreal engine games. If you want some augmented reality action to go along with all those features, you can ask Vuzix to add optional AR cameras... when the IWear 720 hits the market, anyway. The Intel-backed company has showcased the headset at this year's GDC in San Francisco, but we're sadly still waiting for a price and a release date.

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Vuzix's VR headset adds earphones and supports multiple devices