These $79 dongles will add more ports to Apple's new MacBook

If you've already got your heart set on Apple's new ultrathin MacBook, be sure to set aside $79 for one of these dongles if you want all of the ports you're used to. The new MacBook only includes a headphone jack and a new USB Type-C port, which handles both charging and accessory connectivity, making additional dongles and cables pretty much a necessity. Apple's starting out by offering two A/V-oriented options, which give you either a VGA or HDMI port, as well as a standard USB 3.0 jack and an additional USB Type-C port. Sure, they're expensive, but that's not unusual for Apple's accessories. The good thing about USB Type-C, though, is that it's a completely open standard, so we'll eventually see plenty of cheaper cables and dongles from other companies. But if you want a good deal, you'll probably have to wait until more computers start offering the new USB port.