Apple Watch is available April 24 starting at $350

It's been six whole months since Tim Cook revealed the Apple Watch to the world. Here we are again. With good reason, though. Apple may have already officially introduced us to its first smartwatch, but there were still some big questions left unanswered. Today Apple gathered the press to give the Watch the launch event it always deserved (and, you know, tell us how much it'll cost and when we can buy it, what apps we can expect, etc.). Now we have some answers.

First up, before all that, was the latest word on that much-talked-about battery life. Expect 18 hours of "general use" according to Cook. Basically, as assumed/feared, you'll be charging this once a day. On a plus note, there's a magnetic charger that'll make connecting it a little bit more satisfying than fiddling with a USB cable and cradle. Cook also reminded us that the Sport edition starts at $349 or $399 depending on size (38mm or 42mm). If you want the regular Watch (not the Sport or fancy-pants gold one), that'll start at a weighty $549, going up to an eye-watering $1,049 if go wild with the top configuration (there are many, many design options to choose from).

This, incidentally, is for the smaller version. If you want the 42mm version, that's an extra $50 again. Not put off by the price? Pre-orders will open soon, with the timepiece to be available in store starting April 24th. Impatient and rich? A few select people with deep, deep pockets can get their wrists inside the Watch Edition on April 10th starting at $10,000.