HTC One M9's leaked price and release date will give you deja vu

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If you were still picking sides following the launch of HTC's One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6, there's now a bit more to work with. Retailer B&H Electronics has (accidentally?) revealed that a 32GB flavor of the HTC One M9 will start shipping on March 25th for $649, SIM-free. That's the exact same price (and release date) as last year's look-alike model and a bit less than an unlocked Galaxy S6 (non-Edge) is expected to cost. That said, you'll also need to weigh factors like Exynos versus Snapdragon CPUs and all-metal versus glass-and-metal designs. The listing could also be inaccurate or premature, so we wouldn't count on the pricing or date without official word from HTC.

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