Customize your Moto 360 smartwatch with Moto Maker

Moto Maker, Motorola's hardware customization hub, is now open to the Moto 360 smartwatch -- meaning your wrist can now look as fancy as your phone and the rest of your wardrobe. Moto Maker offers three case finishes for the Moto 360 in dark metal, light metal or champagne gold, and nine bands in metal or leather options. We learned in February that Moto Maker would extend its services to Motorola's smartwatch line, building off of the customization services that kicked off in 2013 with the Moto X smartphone.

Leather bands offer the cheapest option, while all three metal sizes -- including Motorla's own Mono link style -- add $50 to the base $250 price. That champagne gold case finish costs an extra $30 as well, because fashion always comes at a price. Motorola has 11 watch faces for the Moto 360 available via Google Play, and you can mess around with all of these styles on Moto Maker right now.