Visit the Sherpa community of Mt. Everest through Google Street View

Google's Street View really is a godsend for those of us who'd rather stay at home and look at nature pics than *gulp* brave the great outdoors. It now features Khumbu or the Everest region of Nepal, including images not just of Mt. Everest itself, but also of the Sherpa communities living around its base. The company teamed up with Apa Sherpa, who holds a world record for reaching the Everest summit 21 times, his foundation and Nepalese nonprofit Story Cycle to document the location during a 10-day trek. Thanks to them, you can see monasteries and schools you might never see in your life, along with hairy yaks dotted along the area's dusty roads. If you're not so fond of yaks, you could always visit camels in the UAE, chimps in Tanzania, or the various critters of the Amazon forest instead.