JXE Streams: 'Grand Theft Auto Online,' heists and you

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JXE Streams: 'Grand Theft Auto Online,' heists and you

The best laid plans of crooks and thugs lead us to nothing but loot and hugs! At least that's what we're hoping happens when we play the newly released heists in Grand Theft Auto Online on JXE Streams. Nearly 18 months after Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto V, the game's online multiplayer mode finally has heists, new missions in which you and a crew of other players try to execute multi-tiered virtual crimes. Think Ocean's Eleven but with markedly less George Clooney and markedly more video game violence. We'll be playing through the very first of the heists to give an overview of how they work on today's show.

Tune in to this post, Engadget.com/gaming or Twitch.tv/Joystiq to watch the two-hour stream of Grand Theft Auto Online starting at 3PM ET. Ben Gilbert will lead the operation while Anthony John Agnello lends him both his excellent driving skills and moral support.

Enjoying the streams? Check out the upcoming schedule on Engadget.com/gaming and follow us on Twitch to know when we go live!

[We're playing a digital copy of Grand Theft Auto Online on an Xbox One streamed through an Elgato Capture HD via OBS at 720p.]
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