Lenovo CEO shows off briefcase full of Moto 360 smartwatches, secrets

When you're the boss, you can probably do anything you want. Like show off a case filled with (possibly) future smartwatch designs, straps, bezels and other assorted watch parts -- and share it with the internet. Like Lenovo CEO, Yang Yuanqing, who might have just done that with the Moto 360's sequel. (If you haven't quite been paying attention: Lenovo ended up buying Motorola off Google.) The image has already been deleted from it's original place on Chinese social network Weibo, but the photo persists, showing a padded case filled with, well, everything we mentioned at the start.

As Android Police also notes, those circles (or lugs) on the far left could well be the most interesting part, and could ensure that what ever Motorola is planning next for your wrist, it will be compatible with a bigger range of straps. However, if the pieces are part of the next-generation digital timepiece, it will likely keep the circular watch face -- something that still separates it from (nearly all) the Android Wear competition.