Watch Nissan's glowing Leaf tear down a glowing stretch of highway

Daan Roosegaarde's Smart Highway concept saw a third of a mile of asphalt in the Dutch town of Oss festooned with phosphorescent stripes -- they spend the day soaking up sunlight and convert it into a slightly eerie blue/green glow to guide drivers for eight hours once night falls. Seeing the road is trippy in and of itself, so (naturally?) watching Nissan's glow-in-the-dark Leaf tear down it is a whole other story. Friendly reminder: You might want to have the Tron or Starlight Express soundtracks cued up before you press play.

If you're asking yourself why this exists, just stop -- there's really no meaning to this little artistic exercise other than to demonstrate an understanding that glowing thing plus glowing equals cool. You won't be recreating this with the same sort of gear soon either, since the relatively exotic strontium aluminate paint that makes the Leaf shine in the dark is Nissan's and it won't share. You're better off just buying a Tron bike of your own for the same effect, but for now just enjoy the light show as you wait for the weekend to engulf you.