You can buy your own 'Tron' lightcycle (if you've got 40 grand)

If you've ever watched Tron: Legacy and wished that you could own your own lightcycle, then May 2nd could be your only chance. Car collectors the Andrews Family is selling the bulk of its vehicle haul that includes a custom replica of the two-wheeler from the film. According to the blurb, the ride was made especially for the Andrews and has a 96 Volt direct-drive electric motor with lithium batteries and a computer controlled throttle. The bike, which has a seat height of 28.5 inches, has only been ridden around the Andrews museum a few times, making it essentially brand new. Now it's going up for auction at Sotheby's on May 2nd, with it expected to fetch a price between $25,000 and $40,000, although we suspect it might go for more. All we're hoping is that Jay "Tron Guy" Maynard is now a millionaire, because that would be a match made in heaven.