Vector smartwatches promise a 30-day battery life

Tag Heuer's Android Wear device wasn't the only smartwatch at this year's Baselworld. Other devices were also shown and launched during the annual luxury watch fair in Switzerland, including the new Vector Watch. It's slated to come out in two different shapes -- Luna with a round face and Meridian with a rectangular one -- but the most intriguing thing its developers are promising is its 30-day battery life. Not 30 hours, but 30 days, though we'll bet the watch can't last that long if you use its features often. It can display your messages on screen, which you can dismiss with a flick of the wrist, and it works with IFTTT commands.

The company, headed by a team of execs including former Timex CEO Joe Santana and ex-Nike Designer Steve Jarvis, didn't delve into those features' specifics. It didn't even say what platform the watch will run, but the devices' PR mentioned that it will be compatible not only with iPhones and iPads, but also with Android and Windows devices. Vector Watch will hit the shelves this late summer, but you can pre-order some models right now.

A Luna with either a black nylon or a brown leather strap will set you back $349, while a Meridian with a black nylon strap has a much affordable price tag of $199. There are fancier models with stainless steel straps on the way (as you can see in the images in the gallery above), but those look like they will cost quite a bit more $$$.