Gmail for Android puts all your accounts in a single inbox

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Andrew Tarantola
March 30th, 2015
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Gmail for Android puts all your accounts in a single inbox

Flipping between your multiple email accounts in Gmail has always been a bit of a pain, especially on mobile devices but that changes today with the release of Google's new "All Inboxes" option for Gmail's Android app. It does exactly what it sounds like: display every one of your inboxes (even accounts from Outlook and Yahoo) in a single, unified list. You'll be able to read and reply to each email, regardless of provider, without swapping tabs or logging out.

Google has also announced that email threads from external accounts (Yahoo, Outlook, or anything that loads through IMAP/POP3) will now display with the same threaded conversation format as internal Gmail emails. These newly integrated accounts will also reportedly benefit from an improved autocomplete function, larger attachment previews and one-touch saves to Google Drive.

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