Yahoo Screen supports Chromecast, but only for 'Community'

If you needed one more way to watch Community now that it's on Yahoo instead of NBC, the Yahoo Screen app on Android (but not iOS) has "basic Chromecast support." You could get the show (already on its fourth streaming episode) to connect with Google's dongle by mirroring it from a laptop or mobile device before, but with a direct connection it should be easier to use and have better quality. Should is the key word -- as some reviews in Google Play noted and we experienced ourselves, there are some bugs present.

Update (4/3): Yahoo has pushed an update to the app to fix the restart issue, grab the new version here.

Particularly annoying is its tendency to restart the episode as soon as your mobile device goes to sleep. As a result, while while the quality is worth the effort, you'll want to kill the app on your phone or tablet after pressing play to keep things running smoothly -- Yahoo says a fix is on the way. Although the feature needs some work it's still pretty easy to use as Chromecast-compatible apps usually are, and second screen controls are already included.

Also, while it's not working with most other Yahoo Screen content like those archived SNL clips, concerts, trailers or other, it is ready for the online network's other freely available (in the US) original show Sin City Saints. Hopefully the same extends to its next show, Other Space, coming from Freaks and Geeks and Bridesmaids creator Paul Feig and debuting on April 14th.