Apple made how-to videos for a Watch you can't buy yet

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Apple made how-to videos for a Watch you can't buy yet

Let's say you've devoured just about everything you can find on the Apple Watch but are still craving more. That's perfectly natural. Well, Cupertino has a guided tour of the wearable that should help answer any remaining questions you might have. For now there are four separate videos with a disembodied voice talking through the different features (messages, general functionality, digital touch and faces), showing how they work and generally being pretty informative. The digital crown, for example, is apparently as integral to Watch as the clickwheel was to the original iPod. Huh.

If it seems familiar, our sister site TechCrunch notes that it's similar to what Apple did to inform everyone of what the original iPhone could do. Anyhow, more videos covering things like how the gizmo handles Siri, maps and music are en route and will likely go live ahead of Watch's April 24th launch. We can't embed them, so to see 'em for yourself you'll have to hit the link below.

Update: Apple just uploaded the set to YouTube and you can check the playlist out right here.

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Apple made how-to videos for a Watch you can't buy yet