David Lynch pulls out of 'Twin Peaks' revival over cash issues

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Jon Fingas
April 6, 2015 12:35 PM
David Lynch pulls out of 'Twin Peaks' revival over cash issues

We hope you weren't counting on the Twin Peaks reboot to liven up your TV viewing next year -- you're probably going to be disappointed. Original series director David Lynch is pulling out of Showtime's revival because he feels there's "not enough money" being offered to produce the script the way he "felt it needed to be done." The network isn't declaring the follow-up dead (Lynch says it could still be "very much alive"), but it tells Variety that it's crestfallen. Supposedly, the channel was working on the "few remaining deal points" to keep Lynch on the project. There's no way of knowing just how true that statement is, but we'd suggest that Showtime throw more money in Lynch's direction if it expects to soldier on with Twin Peaks. While the familiar setting and actors might help get viewers' attention, it was Lynch's wonderfully strange production that kept people hooked the first time around.

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