Now only you will know who your Snapchat bestie is

Used to be that anyone with you in their contacts could see who you've sent the most pictures to simply by looking at your "Best Friends" list. For a service that sells itself by promising privacy, this seemed a glaringly public oversight. That's why Snapchat has replaced the BF list with friend emojis that only you can see on incoming snaps. Each of the six new emoji represent different relationship statuses -- a Gold Heart, for example, means "You're #1 Best Friends" while Sunglasses means that you and the sender share a mutual friend. There's even an NBA Jam-esque "Fire" emoji that activates when you and the sender trade snaps on consecutive days and a "Needs Love" notification in case you haven't snapped a selfie to a bestie in a while. It's interesting to see Snapchat employing the same sorts of behavioral triggers that free-to-play games do, what with the streak rewards and apathy alarms to keep users snapping, for an app that doesn't actually charge for its service.

Additionally, Snapchat improved its inline camera's low-light abilities. The app's functionality was, let's face it, atrocious compared to the phone's camera in low light conditions. But with this update, users simply have to tap the moon icon to boost the image's brightness.