3D Robotics teases stylish drone with pro features

While 3D Robotics makes some amazing drones, it's not exactly known for its design flair. It seems that's about to change, according to a tease of a rakish new model, however. The video (below) is light on details, but we can glean a few things: for instance, it looks like it'll have first person view (FPV) flying out of the box, judging by an included phone clip. We'd guess you can also pre-program a flying route, and the dots on the case lid strongly imply follow-me settings. Lastly, it appears that 3DR has a sleek new gimbal design.

None of this is too surprising, given that 3D Robotics helped pioneer features like follow-me. But the styling suggests a consumer-friendly model (that even a baboon can fly, apparently), along with pro-level features that allow for easy operation by cinematographers and others. All that will come in handy, given a loosening of drone-flying rules by the FAA. The new model is set for a proper reveal on April 13th, five days after arch-competitor DJI said it would launch its own new model. That'll make the next five days especially interesting for drone fans, especially once we can compare the pricing and specs of both models.