Mini is making augmented reality goggles for driving

Nicole Lee
N. Lee|04.09.15

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Mini is making augmented reality goggles for driving

Mini is rolling out a new product, and no, it's not a car. Announced at the Auto Shanghai show, the Mini Augmented Vision is actually a pair of augmented reality glasses that offers up info about your ride in your field of vision. You can see some of the following details as you're riding around in your Mini vehicle of choice: destination points that you can select pre-ride, the navigation display of your first and last mile, heads up info like speeds and speed limits, navigation arrows plus points of interest on your route, incoming message notifications, an X-ray view of the vehicle, plus a view of the curb from the car's external cameras so you can park easier. And, of course, since it's AR and see-through, you can still see the road in front of you. As you might expect, there's no details about pricing or availability just yet, but we'll be sure to update the post with more when we hear more.

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