Mophie's 'Space' battery cases bring more storage to iPhone 6, iPad Mini

Last year Mophie, a company best known for its mobile battery offerings, stepped into slightly new territory by releasing a battery-toting iPhone case with external storage dubbed the "Space Pack." Now, as if on cue, Mophie is unveiling new entries in the Space Pack line for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Mini. And, not to be forgotten, there's also a new standalone battery pack called the "Spacestation." They all look very similar to Mophie's existing battery solutions, but they include anywhere from 32GB to 128 GB of flash storage, which could be useful for anyone stuck with a paltry 16GB iPhone or iPad Mini. But, as is typical for Mophie, that convenience won't come cheap. The iPhone Space Packs and the Spacestation start at $150 for 32GB of storage, and jump up to $200 for 64GB and $300 for 128GB. The iPad Mini pack, meanwhile, runs from $200 to $400.

Just like before, all of the storage-toting cases work together with Mophie's Space app, which lets you manage and play media. iOS doesn't recognize external storage like Android, so you won't have access to the files on Mophie's cases from any other apps. The company has also updated the Space app for managing files already on your iPhone -- you won't even need to own a Mophie case to use it. That allows you to create playlists that include media on both your iOS device and the Space case.

As for additional battery life, Mophie's bread and butter, the iPhone 6 case will double your battery life, while the iPhone 6 Plus case will give you another 50 percent of juice. That's pretty much what you'll get from one of the company's new Juice Pack cases. If you don't need a case, the Spacestation might be the best overall deal since it can fully recharge an iPad Mini and plug into a variety of devices.

If you've handled a Mophie product before, you know what to expect from the Space lineup. In my brief hands-on time, the new cases and battery pack all felt like like premium products. The Spacestation's metal case, in particular, feels great in your hand. The iPad Mini Space Case also marks the first time the company has created a battery case for a tablet. It adds a bit of thickness to the Mini, but it doesn't harm its portability much. Yes, they're expensive, but if you're a media addict on iOS, you don't have many other choices for additional storage without jumping to wireless hard drives or the cloud.

You can preorder all of Mophie's new Space products now, and they're expected to ship in May.