This adorable desk gadget motivates you like Pavlov's bell

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Timothy J. Seppala
April 14, 2015 7:22 AM
This adorable desk gadget motivates you like Pavlov's bell

We're almost halfway into April and chances are your self-improvement-minded New Year's Resolutions bit the dust sometime between Valentine's Day and Easter. Whereas our day-to-day habits are pretty ingrained into our minds, establishing new ones is the hard part, and that's where MOTI comes in. It's a cute little gizmo that you place in plain sight (this is key) that acts as a motivator, hence the name, for your menial tasks. How it works seems pretty simple, too. Just put it on your desk or wherever else you might see it on the daily and press its face when you do the task you're having trouble keeping up with.

When you complete your ritual, the gadget lights up and vibrates or maybe even chirps. It's this tangible, positive reinforcement and immediate gratification that its creator Kayla Matheus tells our sister publication Huffington Post is key to forming new habits. "It celebrates with you" every time you do it, she says. The idea is that because MOTI is constantly in sight, it's a visual reminder to keep doing something -- think of it like tying a note to your finger, but for modern times. Current use scenarios run the gamut from drinking enough water per diem, running every day or going to bed early. Right now MOTI is still in pre-production stages, but if you make a case for yourself, you could be one of 50 beta testers.
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This adorable desk gadget motivates you like Pavlov's bell