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Yup, there's a Sodastream for cocktails

Our modern consumer age hasn't been kind to SodaStream, since bottles of soda are cheap enough that you don't need to make your own at home. Thankfully, the company has finally worked out that cola-addicted teens aren't its future customers, but drunk adults who want something fancy for cocktail parties. That's why the firm has teamed up with name-brand designer Yves Behar (he's previously designed the SodaStream Source) to develop the SodaStream Mix, which is one part CO2 injector and one part internet of things device. You see, Mix can't be a buzzy new gadget unless it's connected to the cloud (it is), and the company has also baked in Bluetooth and app compatibility as well.

Touch the screen and cycle through to the alcohol section and you'll be presented with a variety of recipes for you to follow. When done, insert the mix into the SodaStream and hey, the hardware will carbonate it. The company promises that the device can compensate for the differing fluid density levels of each drink, so it'll ramp up (or down) the fizz for a drink with pulped fruit compared to a whiskey sour. There's no word yet on how much this costs, or even if you'll be able to buy it, but there's one idea we want to leave you with: Fizzy Cocktails.