Recommended Reading: The problem with Record Store Day

Billy Steele
B. Steele|04.18.15

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Record Store Day and the Ambivalent Branding of Independence
by Eric Harvey

Record Store Day celebrates the culture of independent record shops each spring. Today marks the eighth annual holiday for vinyl collectors and music lovers, but the event is becoming packed with more big names each year. Whether it's Jack White's world record or releases from Metallica or Foo Fighters, celebrities are now just as much a part of the festivities, and distributors seem to be favoring bigger shops over smaller, local spots.

How Marissa Mayer Mobilized Yahoo
Harry McCracken, Fast Company

If you've wondered what CEO Marissa Mayer is doing to halt Yahoo's decline, this piece from Fast Company's Harry McCracken examines the effort to tackle mobile. And get a little inspiration from Moneyball along the way.

Making a Living in the Toxic World of Discarded Electronics
Nick Kirkpatrick, The Washington Post

This photo essay from Valentino Bellini offers a sobering look at the lives of the people who make a living working with toxic e-waste.

The Fascinating Story of the Man who Invented Stereo
Rich Trenholm, CNET

The concept of stereo sound was developed in the 1930s after Alan Dower Blemlein's frustrating trip to the movies. Thankfully, we'll never have to suffer through what drove the engineer and inventor to create the tech.

How Virtual Reality is Going to Fix Society and Humanize Social Media
Will Mason, Upload

Could VR improve the way we interact with each other online? Upload's Will Mason thinks the medium could be as influential on virtual relationships as anything else.

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